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Recruitment Agencies

Let Us Complement Your Service Offering

Outsource To Us

Outsource all the management of your contractors to us.

Huge Cost Savings

We’ll take care of all costs associated with your contractor, including insurance, tax, payroll and Kiwisaver payments. This means less admin and cost-savings for you!

Online Service Portal

We have an extremely user-friendly management portal for you and your contractors. This portal will help you to handle reporting, timesheets, payroll, KPI tracking and placement details. This portal can also be personalised and branded to suit your agency.

Added Value For Your Contractors

Our personalised taxation, Kiwisaver and financial planning advice for your contractors, means they’re happier, loyal contractors to you.

We’ll Take Care Of Your Contractor Management, So You Can Drive Core Business

Focus On Your Core Business

We do everything from engagement, management and care of your contractors. This means you have more time to do what you love: sourcing and placing amazing talent for your clients. The contractors are still yours, but we take care of managing them!

Mitigate Risk

We’ll partner with you to take care of your entire risk profile. Any insurances, taxation, statutory laws and contract issues are in safe hands with us!

Your Specialist Partner

For over 22 year we’ve provided top contractor benefits and advice (including financial, wealth management, Kiwisaver and tax minimisation) so your contractors are more content in their roles. This means more loyalty to you.

Martin Boggis, Chief Project Officer (CPO)

Martin Boggis, Chief Project Officer (CPO)

Partnering with CXC Global, You Can…

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Reduce Your Operating Costs

All insurance, super and net salary for your contractors is automatically covered. You can also keep an eye on contractor costs with our efficient cloud-based technology, to bring you better admin and operating solutions.

Improved Contractor Attraction & Retention

Improved Contractor Attraction & Retention

Our value-adding contractor benefits have shown to boost attrition and produce loyal, quality contractors.

Innovation At Your Fingertips

Innovation At Your Fingertips

Your agency-branded management portal gives you easy access to manage your contractors. It covers everything from basic employee information, contract & placement details, right through to expense tracking. You can easily pull reports with your user-friendly dashboard, for better visibility over your contract workforce.

Contractor Solutions To Suit Your Business

Contractor Solutions To Suit Your Business

We like to look after your contractors with our tax saving, salary packaging and payroll solutions. These are all availableas JV, revenue share or fee-for-service models, to suit you and your contractors. We’ll even look after your contractor’s work related expenses, their payroll and timesheets!

Optimise Your Partnerships….

The Benefits Of Partnering With Us

An optimised experience for your contractors70%
Minimise your agency overhead costs78%
Reduce your insurance premiums80%
Simplify admin so you can focus on your core business87%
Statutory requirements are all covered by CXC Global90%
Easy, real-time reporting93%
A vendor neutral model to ensure zero conflict of interest95%
Harsel Singh, Account Manager, Origin Energy

Harsel Singh, Account Manager, Origin Energy