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Keeping Employers Compliant

Stop stressing about the risks involved in hiring contractors! Here’s How:

We’ll Help You Mitigate Risk

We’ll keep up to date with any legislative changes to stop you from being exposed or non-compliant.

Your Partner In Risk Management

We’ll be with you every step of the way and take care of risks involving co-employment, legislation, insurance and different tax structures. You’ll have more time to spend on your business and increase your contractor productivity!

Risk Auditing

We’ll carry out regular risk audits to review your contractors, procedures and compliance relating to contract work.

Our Experience Is Your Assurance

We’ve been looking after contract worker risk for more than 22 years in New Zealand alone. This thorough knowledge and expertise means you can stop stressing about the tricky world of compliance and risk.

Chris Thuell, Commercial Manager, CXC Global A/NZ

Chris Thuell, Commercial Manager, CXC Global A/NZ

Client Risk

CXC Value

Risk: We own the relationship with the contractor for IRD purposes
Co-Employment Risk: We’ll ensure your contract workers are seen as just that, and not as ‘employees’
Insurance Risk: We automatically cover all contractors with our personal indemnity and liability insurance, as well as workers compensation.
Contract Expiry Risk: We’ll keep an eye on contracts that are about to expire and inform you when it’s time to take action
Visa Expiry Risk: Any visa compliance issues will be monitored by us, and we’ll let you know when they’re about to expire
Company & Statutory Risk: Our centralised contractor management process and reporting means 100% compliance for you